Friday, February 29


  • T K Hareendran
  • Pratul Dash
  • Shantanu
  • Vibha Galhotra
  • Mithu Sen
  • Hassan Al-Saidi
  • Anil Dayanand
  • Jenson anto
  • asim waif


Rahul Bhattacharya said...

Hi Rahul

Sorry for the late reply. been out of town for a it.
I read your concept note and the idea sounds very promising to me.

although I must admit that I was a little surprised to find my name on a list of performance artists.... am not mush of a performer i mean.
but after thinking about it for a while i have begun to quite like the idea of trying this out. dont know what and where.

lets meet up when you are back from shantiniketan.

take care.

Rahul Bhattacharya said...

asim for right now, accept the blog invite.what really triggered the thought off was your khoj
final day work and also the fact that you travel and document a lot. i feel strong tendencies towards exploring performance. if you dont mind i'll copy this exchange to the blog.


Rahul Bhattacharya said...

letter from harindran

Dear Rahul,
I have got your letter, Thank you for it ,/ congratulation for the curative initiation ,
that is timely ,meaningful
and potential to intervene in the historicity of the creative arena of our time/
i like to work on the project , and believing the limitation
which you feel on its practice , and time ,are the wonderful ingredeance to reach this event beyond /
so proceed with the
intention , i will be with you ,
looking forward
love TK Hareendran