Saturday, March 29




Title : I don't want to be like this
Duration: its limited to the artist action
Location: at Mandi House, out door, Lalit Kala Akademy
Time: in the after noon, at 5 pm
Date : Saturday, 29 March 2008

About the Perform
The perform diel with forn occupation of Iraq an the descramination and abous of the Iraqian people by the occupation forces; showen the tragedy of Iraq that keepet forget in this time, and during American election in this days.
The artist believe that no body, or force in the world can take 'Freedom' away from people, he takes a risk by using personal photograph as the poritrate's of American presidents, from one to next president, drown over their names, as he feel everyone from Iraqi people is somehow without freedom under the American occupation, also to keep the memoirs of suffering by th eoccupation in relation to American presidential election, 2008 as they are all persones, condemned others to silence by their agressivity as presidentes. So, the artists say: "I don't sant to be like this" an ordinary Iraqian without freedom ferist. And also "I don't wont to be like this" as diabolical, an American president with acts of duplicity second. In the perform, the artist us a Digital selfportrait photo, secraced and drawn over with Ink craon and acrylic color; its supported by physical action, to rend the performance a live peform in his contemporary life art practice, it's a kind of manifestation in supporting freedom.

About the Artist
Al Saidi Hassan, Iraqi origin, based in Delhi artist, born in Baghdad, and educated in Rome, Italy

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