Thursday, April 3

Hassan Al-Saidi's intervention at the improvisation session at the last day of Khoj live 08. Venue Maxmuller bhavan

it was an alternative continuation of Hassan's works done in front of Mandi house

"I don't wont to be like this"

• In the Sunday evening, of the 30 March 2008, the closing night of the Khoj live 08, the international performance artists festival, at Goethe Institute, Max Mueller Bhawan in New Delhi, Al Saidi Hassan Iraqi artists, based Delhi did independent outdoor performance, during the open space for spontaneous performance.
• Al Saidi Hassan, in his performance express his solidarity with Iraqi people cause as their nation under the occupation forces, try to make the aoudience aware about the tragedy created by the war, said invited them to take a position in favor of the victims fo the war asked: 'one minute silence in memoirs of the victims of the occupation of Iraq' and translating it into action to support Iraqi people.
• The artist in his performance, using new medium, and out of what used, usually in Holly Khoj festival by the others artists participants (sound design, video and body movement)? Al saidi in his performance avoked the attention of the public by his provisation act, which Tipicaly personal; to create the atmosphere in the seem present moment, He started with burning incenses, and holding it in his hand, and passing between the audience and look like a purification them, with the smile and givefed of the post card, it's a digital pretend photo of self-portrait of the artist himself. As the first time the crowd see his performing with the incence burning in his hand.
• They felt with great sympathy with him, asked him, and they laughing, if he is a pandit or an Brahman!! But the artist is not a hollyman or surround himself wth many followers or singing the divin chantes in a scared place to worship or mediation as the incenses burning performance give this kind of couriosity to the public to think like this; which the artist thing as example and unique in all Khoj issue or festival, it's a changing way of what the other artists think about art performance and the medium that touse for experimenting in: also, Hassan one from many of whom were destined to performing out of Khoj… But he find the festival, represent the right platform to communicate his art with others artists as it hold together a different idea, different expression and communication, which he find it intime and space to showcase his performance 'I don't want to be like this'. Al Saidi one from the artists whom struggle against human rights violation and above, the fighting for basic civil rights and opeses the repression of the ordinary people, so he give the opportunity to others to know about him as a telanted artist, as all associated to social causes and human right, in way or other.
• Hassan, also did performance one day before; as the festival not offers space to do? It was on 23 March, 2008 and on the street, out door, lalit Kala Academy in Mandi House?
• He act in favor of those farmer's who cometed social by hanging themselves? He writing a poem on the fotbal, where the local passerby stop, stand and keep reading it… which many aprent the performance when understand what written? His performance was titled 'let me life m life', the artist express his solidarity?
• We are all chained together
Crying as I was not able to rest
They tied my hands and feet
I move ran away, but I couldnot
And I bow down to earth
And offer myself sacrifice.

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