Wednesday, March 26

performances: when where and why

asim will no longer be climbing a deserted monument at the barakhamba road

date and time un known

artmaharaj will be performing as insecurity guard for 1 hour every evening outside the venues of the KhojLive 08

mithu sen will make an attempt to flight ....inviting passerbys to tie ballons on her, the artist will make an attempt to fly and clean to top of india gate as it is a site where many important dignitatries visit and is probably one place which has never been swept.

time the evening of 29th march...venue india gate

jenson will be doing doing something in the in the agricultural lands near nizzamuddin flyover. the performance will take place on the noon of the 30th .
jenson does not know what he is doing

Hassan Al-Saidi will do a performance in mandi house on the 29th evening...a small act directed towards focussing attention towards the spree of farmer's suicides ripping the heartland of india.

more posts to be uploaded soon

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